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Brief introduction to android

The talk about operating systems and internet of things (IoT) in today’s world never goes without a mention of Android. This is because android is the world’s most popular operating system we see in our mobile devices and most of our household electronics; Smart TVs, Fridges, Smart watches, digital cameras, and even Vehicles.

Mainly written in Java, C, and C++, android development began in 2003 and was acquired by Google in 2005. The first commercial device running Android came into the market in 2008 and ever since, Android has made huge strides to in betterment of the user interface and addition of more features to have a powerful OS that we have today.

The popularity of Android has seen the rise in demand for android experts and this has extended into our institutions where android programming is being introduced to many IT related courses. This, however, has come along with its downsides and these are basically the challenges these aspiring programmers/developers are facing in the learning of android.

The fact that Android is built on C, C++, and Java means it has its share of complexities that learners may need help with. These three languages are known to be the most troublesome for most students and therefore android is no different. That is the reason we brought together a team of highly experienced android experts to get you professional help with android assignments/projects with the main aim of getting you quality grades.

Common challenges students face during android development

Many aspiring android developers have faced challenges getting to master android and developing android apps with no logic errors. Some of these mistakes are not evitable and even advanced developers have acknowledged to making mistakes countless times. Our android programming assignment help service is well versed with these android pitfalls that cause novice developers trouble. We can therefore get your android assignment done perfectly and with no mistakes that can cost you marks. Some of the notorious android concepts that cause trouble are:

  • Making good use of intents

Intents are key android components that make it possible to pass data between different parts of the app or between different apps. Correct use of intents can save you a great deal of programming time but if not careful, these can cause a huge road block in your app development. Our android assignment help service has the capability of solving your assignment if you are stuck with use of intents. We will correct and rewrite your code to ensure you have outstanding work.

  • Wrong use or not using fragments at all

Most developers don’t know how to use fragments with some even advocating for abstinence from fragments during development. Truth is fragments can be very much helpful in saving you much of your programming time if used accurately. Fragments are basically separate building blocks with their own life cycles that exist inside an Activity. They are of great importance in optimizing for various screens, they are easily managed by their parent activity, can be reused, combined and positioned at will. Our android homework help service can help you out in solving fragment related trouble during development of your app.

  • Misunderstanding use of Bitmaps

Wrong use of Bitmaps in memory management can cause a lot of trouble during android development. is well equipped to handle Bitmaps trouble in instances where students have been stuck.

Above is just a partial list of some of the most notorious android issues learners face when working with android. Our android assignment help service can help you out with any kind of trouble you may have with android development from simple code generation to a full blown android app. Get in touch with our experts today and get access to one of the most definitive android homework help services.

What we cover in android programming

Our android assignment help service cover all android topics and concepts aspiring developers may face during android development. We have a pool of talented android experts who have been handpicked to ensure our clients are only attended to by the best of the best.

At, we understand the importance of good grades and sure enough, getting expert help in your assignments is one way of achieving this. Our experts have years of experience developing Android applications and helping students just like you get their android assignments done in the best way possible. Our major areas of Android expertise include:

  • SDK
  • xml
  • Using the log system
  • Activities
  • UI Architecture
  • User Interface Widgets
  • Notification and Toast
  • Menus
  • Dialogs
  • Lists
  • Locations and Maps
  • Working with Data Storage
  • Animations
  • Content Providers
  • Network Communication
  • Services
  • Android Emulator
  • Emulator Shortcuts
  • Editing emulator settings
  • Launching the emulators
  • Parameters on Intents
  • Explicit Intents
  • Implicit Intents
  • Layouts/ Drawable Resources
  • Theme application via code
  • Theme application via manifest file
  • SQLite- SQLite Database, SQLite Open Helper, SQLite Programming
  • GPS based services
  • Base Adapters and Array Adapters
  • Use of adapters for Grid View and Gallery
  • Animation
  • Notifications
  • Threads
  • XML & JSON parsing
  • Publishing of application
  • HTTP Client
  • Asyn Task
  • Handlers
  • Runnable

Above is just a partial list of android topics we cover but it doesn’t mean we are limited to these. Our expertise covers android as a whole and we have vast knowledge of android including some of the best ways of tackling various android topics. If you have trouble with any android related assignment then do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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