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What is Programming

At one point in time, you have interacted with a computer or a smartphone but have you ever wondered what makes part of whatever you see on that screen? The computer hardware in itself is just a dumb machine and what brings it to life is the software that runs on the hardware.

Through programming, we can develop software which tells the computer hardware what to do. Programming is, therefore, the process of designing and building a computer programming which performs a specific task when executed.

Computer programs are developed using programming languages are there are different categories of languages; high level, mid-level, and low-level languages. By use of these languages, a programmer can define a set of instructions to be followed by a computer in order to achieve some given tasks.

Why you need Programming Assignment Help?

Just like any expert programmer/software developer will tell you, programming is mainly a practically oriented discipline and this makes programming and this is the key difference that separates programming from the other units you may be learning.

In as much as the theoretical part is important to get the basic knowledge, as you advance in your programming career you will notice that most of the concepts don’t make sense when you read them just until you get down to writing the code.

Today programming is a subject taught in various courses mainly IT and computer science. Other disciplines such as engineering have also taken programming seriously into these career paths and therefore being an outstanding problem solver using programming is definitely an important thing for you as a student.

Passing programming has, however, become a huge challenge for most students of programming. Just as indicated earlier, being good at programming requires much practical exposure which most students don’t have. Actually, most of the students undertaking programming in colleges are always encountering the field for the first time and this makes programming look tough for many.

An even bigger problem in the course of learning is always caused by tough assignments and we’ve seen some programming topics where in an entire university the pass percentage has never risen above 30%. Students who don’t focus much energy on practicing their programming skills are in most cases always bound to fail whenever such assignments are given. At ProgrammingAssignmentHelp, Our main goal is to help you score high even on tough assignments.

Another circumstance that pushes students to seek programming assignment help is when the homework/ assignment requirements become too huge to handle. When faced with bulk work that may consume much of your time then its time to reach out to us.

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Programming at ‘Programming Assignment Help’

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Programs and algorithms

An algorithm is an unambiguous, finite and ordered sequence of instructions to be followed to solve a problem. A program normally implements an algorithm through the use of a programming language in coming up with a solution.

To ease up the process of software development, huge programs are always broken down into parts (program modules) which vary in functionality but are later linked to make the whole program a complete software.

The programs are usually subdivided into smaller parts (modules), so that the algorithmic complexity of each of the parts is smaller than the complete program, which helps the development of the program.

Today, there are various programming techniques which are used by software developers in the process of software development and maintenance. Some of these techniques include modular, linear, structured and object-oriented programming.

Compilation and Interpretation

Most of the programming languages used today are high-level languages whose syntax is more human-readable and not machine readable. Machines mainly read data in form of binary digits but during software development, most programs are written in languages that are more human-readable and not in binary.

To make it possible for the machine to read the given set of instructions and execute the commands, they have to be ‘translated’ to machine language and this is achieved either via compilation or interpretation.

The main difference between these two is that in compilation, the whole program is first converted object code which is later converted to an executable by a linker while in interpretation conversion takes place during program run-time.

The creation of an executable program can be broken down into the two steps below.

1. Compilation

After the programmer has written the required source code in high level language, the compiler compiles the code and saves it in a low-level code file. In some cases it may be compiled to executable machine code file but in most cases it is always compiled into a non-executable machine code object file.

2. Linking

Now that our source code has been compiled to low-level code files, we can pass it through a linker to obtain the executable file. A linker is simply a computer program that takes one or more object files generated by a compiler and combines them into a single executable file.

There are two types of linking:

The first is dynamic linking in which the linker loads external shared libraries onto a running process and then links those libraries to the process.

Static linking occurs where the linker copies all the required libraries onto the executable image before it is run.

Software programming and engineering

Normally the creation of computer programs is referred to as programming. This holds for the creation of small programs that help with the execution of basic tasks but when it comes to complex software, there’s much more than programming.

Software is formally defined as a collection of data and instructions that guide the computer on how to work. It includes the executable computer programs,loaded libraries and non-executable data related to the software such as documentation.

Software Engineering, on the other hand, is the systematic application of scientific and technological knowledge, methods, and experience to the design, implementation, testing, and documentation of software.

The process of software development from the Engineering point of view includes the following:

  1. Recognize the need for a program to solve a problem or identify the possibility of automating a task.

  2. Planning and gathering of the program requirements. The need and function of the software should be clearly outlined.

  3. Designing the software architecture. The software is broken down into smaller segments to lower complexity to ease up the development process.

  4. Design implementation and documenting. Make a detailed design of the whole software and clearly specify the operation of the program. Commence writing the source code for the software.

  5. Deployment and maintenance of the software. Assemble other components that may be required for full functionality of the software and make it operational.

Objectives of programming

The process of computer programming is mainly based on three objectives:


For a program to be termed as correct, it should do what it was meant to do and clearly solve the initial problem that existed before its implementation. A programmer ascertains the correctness of the program by comparing the final product to the documented work. If what was documented as the end goal is exactly what is being done by the software then the program is correct.


Program clarity is very important when it comes to program maintenance and portability. There may arise the need to tailor the program to meet a certain user need or in case the program has to be implemented by a different programmer who is not the developer. In such cases, legible and easy to understand programming styles are very important.


A good program should be efficient in that it should achieve great performance with low resources (memory and cpu speed).

For many programmers, efficiency and clarity have become opposing objects and one is always sacrificed over the other. Too much clarity may lower efficiency and the inverse is true as well. Therefore a good program should always find a good balance of both objectives.