What are your prices?

The pricing of our services depend on the assignment or project requirements. When you send in your assignment to be solved by us, we tailor the price based on the complexity of the assignment and the amount of time required to do the work to completion. Prices range from 50 USD  for basic programs and depending on the amount of work required, they may go up to thousands of dollars.

How do I pay?

Payment to us are made via PayPal. Once we have your assignment details, we will email you a PayPal invoice indicating the amount to be paid to get your assignment/project done. As a requirement, you should pay 50% of the total amount as down payment to get us started on the work and the remaining 50% after completion.

It is also acceptable to pay the whole amount at once as we start the job and this is mostly preferred by our regular customers.

Why trust you?

There are several reasons why you can trust us to get your assignment done for you the perfect way.

  • ProgrammingAssignmentHelp is a conglomerate of highly experienced programmers who have unmatched skills when it comes programming and software development
  • We have no intermediaries working on our behalf. Once you have established initial contact with us, you can reach us at any time by calling us or chatting directly.
  • We have been in this business for over 5 years now with thousands of satisfied clients.

Can you guarantee safety of my data and Privacy?

Your privacy is one of our top priorities and we always work our best to ensure your critical data and identity information never lands onto the wrong hands as described in our privacy policy.

In addition, all the communication between your computer and our website is secured and encrypted by SSL 256 Bit encryption.

Do you give refunds?

There are cases where we may give refunds. These are outlined below:

  1. If we are unable to deliver your project/assignment before the stipulated deadline.
  2. If we deliver incorrect or incomplete assignment solutions.

It however should be noted that the power to refund or not to refund is completely at our discretion as outlined in our terms of use. We will refund based on the facts and evidences provided and any involvement of third parties and payment processors like PayPal will lead to automatic denial of the refund as outlined in our terms of use.

How do I raise a Dispute or Complain?

Over the years, we have built ourselves a reputation and a good record for delivering quality and timely work. However, it doesn’t mean we are immune to mistakes most of which may occur as natural human error. For any complains or disputes or complains, kindly reach us directly via email and we will attend to you with immediate effect. If there are any other questions you can ask us directly via email or live chat.